Themeasaurus does Etsy

Ghost ThemesAs an Etsy seller, the potential Ghost has as a platform for sellers is one of the aspects I’m most excited about. The simplicity of the platform lends itself really well to the DIY nature of Etsy, and will no doubt make for a brilliant platform to cross promote with facebook and twitter.

What’s so good about Etsy?

Etsy is a marketplace for artists and craft fanciers. An ebay for the hipster elite. It’s original and it’s beautiful.

The most important thing about Etsy is that it is easy! You don’t have to be a web designer to set up a shop, all you have to be is talented and committed to your craft. The same applies to ghost. Simplicity is key and that’s why Themeasaurus is keying in a plans to produce themes specifically for etsy sellers.

Why Ghost themes?

Themeasaurus plans to one day cater to every niche on the Etsy spectrum. Giving every Etsy seller who decides to give ghost a try the best shot at their blog being successful.

Most of the themes found on Ghost will be aesthetic and simple. Easy to use for both the seller, and the potential buyer. In the likely event that Etsy will produce a plugin for Ghost we will ensure that every etsy targeted theme is designed to optimize the application’s efficiency.

“How to” Channel

One of the best ways to market and etsy store is to show potential clients how you make your stuff. Teach the masses in the hope they won’t bother :P .

While no promises can be given before I receive a copy of Ghost, I am hoping that I will be able to integrate functionality for a specific, how-to-section. Which will allow etsy sellers to better search engine optimize their blog, and attract potential customers that they otherwise would not have found.

Background images

While all themes will come full stocked with a background that tickles your niche. Themeasaurus will also be producing background packs. Clusters of images, presented in high-res and web ready for you to take and make your own.

The aesthetic of your Etsy blog needs to tell the potential customer exactly what you are selling, which is why Themes for Ghost will have sets that cater to every niche.

All in all Ghost is going to be an extra string on the Etsy seller’s bow, and as the saying goes; the early bird gets the worm. So go and get some worms, and stay up to date with what’s happening with the Ghost blogging platform.

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Ghost Team recruiting

Ghost themesAt the beginning of June I received an e-mail from the Ghost team that was in actual fact a call to action! Ghost has begun looking for new people to add to their team, so what does this mean for Ghost?


Ghost is Serious

With $300k behind them, this was pretty obvious from the get go, but, it is yet another reminder of just how good Ghost is going to be.

As someone who purposefully surrounds himself with entrepreneurial types, it’s good to see they are out there recruiting. It’s quite common to see people recruiting from their friends base, in spite of whether or not a better alternative is available.

So there’s going to be no “oh my friend made my dad’s website, he could help.” Everyone involved is going to be super talented and make Ghost the best it can possibly be.

Spend dat cash

Another important note to be made is that the Ghost team are spending the cash myself and others pledged to their campaign. To me at least, this is actually quite important.

Indiegogo and Kickstarter, more often than not feature campaigns by teams. They ask for funds to pay themselves to do the work. Which is fair enough, but it’s always difficult to know if they’ll actually deliver.

Ghost are looking for people to do their branding and it’s good to know that they understand the importance of it, and haven’t gone the old “graphic design is just a couple of squiggles, I could do that” – which so many people actually do.

All in all

The more the merrier really. The more talented people Ghost has behind it, the better it’s going to be. The better it is, the better it is for us, the user. So it’s exciting to see that they have approached every element of the business and product with a high level of maturity.

Hats off to the crew! Top draw.

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Businesses on Ghost

Ghost themesWith simplicity holding the top spot as Ghost’s most endearing feature, what exactly is the point of custom themes?

WordPress started out simple, but turned into a monster in no short space of time. Ghost’s application in business will really determine whether it stays as a simple blogging platform, or expands to become a massive machine.

Which do you think is better? Keeping it pure and simple, or expanding at the expense of big companies utilising it?

Business on Ghost
There is a lot of potential for small business with ghost, and it will be very interesting to read their terms of use once the servers are online and people are blogging.

A lot of small online business ventures are simply blogs. Pro-blogging is not uncommon, and ghost (theoretically) would be a brilliant place to begin such a venture. Naturally, if this is the case then a personalised Ghost theme is going to be integral to your business’s success.

Affiliates on Ghost
For the few who don’t know what an affiliate is; it’s a website (often posing as a simple blogger) who reviews and promotes products or services, for a fee, if a person follows the link from their website and subsequently buys. has banned affiliate blogs, which has its benefits, but whether or not Ghost follows suit with this ethos remains to be seen.

If Ghost allows affiliates, then the business potential for people looking to make a little extra coin on the side is limitless. With in-built SEO features and hard-wired communication between facebook and twitter it could see your grandmother ranking well in search engines, and generating a n income from blogging.

The downside?
Well, affiliates make reviews difficult to trust. When you’ve been working in SEO and web marketing as I have it really knocks the wind out of your trust in the world wide web. With the blogger receiving a cut of the profit if I purchase, it’s hard for me to know how true their review is.

Allowing affiliates could also trigger a gold-rush. With a new subscriber base, Ghost will be ripe for internet marketers to paint themselves as bloggers, generate a fan base, then start selling.

Only time will tell with Ghost, but it will be (if nothing else) a very interesting social study.

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4 Reasons to get onto Ghost early

Ghost themes

The new blogging platform Ghost currently has its public release date set at November 2013. It’s so young you mightn’t have even heard about it. But, when it does go live there’s going to be a goldrush to get on board and get your content out into a burgeoning community.

There are a number of reasons why it’s a good idea to act fast and get on Ghost in the early stages, in this post I’m going to go through 5. Whether you’re a musician, writer, etsy seller or anyone else it’s prime time to get involved.

Beat the Clog

On the reader, during peak periods posts go up about every two minutes in popular tags. That means that if you put up a new post, in five minutes it’s off the top, and in less than an hour people have to scroll and load to see your content.

Ghost, in its early days is going to have much less content going up, but still a lot of people reading it.

What’s the first thing you do when you sign up for a blogging website? You tool up your blog, you write your first post, then you browse to see what other people are doing. With tons of people signing up for Ghost, the value of your content sitting at the top of a category for longer is invaluable.

Mad Respect

It applies to work, web forums, clubs, school, everything. The longer you’ve been there the more respect you get. People are less likely to argue with established members on forums, because they are well known.

In a years time, if a new person signs up for ghost, sees your post, sees you been there since the beginning, they are going to innately attribute more quality to your writing.

Bigger Following

Being on Ghost right from the get-go is going to give you a stronger following. Personally I’m less inclined to follow people on now, than I was when I first started my blog. My reader is already jammed up with new posts to read, that I feel like I could hardly manage any more.

In its early stages, Ghost users are going to be looking for people to follow. They will want to generate their own community on Ghost and reach out to other members. Being on Ghost early is a great way to get followers that you otherwise may not have picked up.

It’s cool!

How good does it feel when someone says “Oh, I just got onto this thing…” and you flip back with “Oh yeah, I’ve been on there for years. Follow me, peasant.” OK, hopefully you’re not that smug. But you know what I mean.

I remember back in 2006, when MySpace was all the rage, I had a lot of European friends who all used this thing called “Facebook.” It seemed just as stupid as myspace but I signed up for it to keep in touch with them. Back when I was young whipper snapper, I felt pretty trendy when it really took off here in Australia and I had been using it for a long while already.

Enough road tripping down memory lane. Things like Ghost don’t come along as often as one would think, and there is a lot of value in getting in on Ghost early.

Whether you’re marketing an Etsy store or simply blog about what’s going on in your day-to-day, the reason you write is to be read. Starting on the ground floor of a blogging community is great way to cement yourself as a popular poster, and generate am responsive, involved community.

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5 Reasons Etsy Sellers Should get on Ghost

Ghost themesOn there is a vibrant community of Etsy sellers who link their blogs in with their Etsy stores (despite the Etsy plugin not working :P ). Ghost is going to be no different. As an additional form of marketing and avenue to keep in touch with your customers.

Etsy isn’t an easy place to cut a living from. While it seems all hugs and rainbows, thousands upon thousands of people are selling on there and only a (relative) few are making a living from it.

Blogs are essential

Essential to success on Etsy is an alternate stream of marketing. The build it and they will come ideal is all well and good, but you need to have more avenues than simply opening a shop and hoping for the best.

Though I wouldn’t recommend undertaking a degree in marketing and search engine optimization (SEO), it certainly couldn’t hurt.

Ghost is going to provide a simple and easy method of getting your name, your wares and your Etsy store out in the general public. Themeasaurus is going to cater directly to Etsy sellers with a series of Ghost themes that’ll cover just about every Etsy niche you can think of.

Social Media

If you’re not marketing your Etsy store through facebook and twitter, you really should be. That doesn’t mean spamming your store 24/7 it means providing interesting, engaging content for your customers.

Right from the start Ghost comes fully loaded to connect with your Twitter and Facebook accounts so all your followers across all mediums know what’s going on with you and your store.


Etsy’s whole ethos is custom life. Up-cycling, handmade, vintage. A key ingredient in getting your blog noticed in the sea of Etsy bloggers is making it unique to your own niche. So that a potential customer lands on your blog and thinks “Awesome, this person is going to sell me beautiful handmade jewellery.”

Ghost will allow you to customise your blog so it looks beautiful, and Themeasaurus is going to streamline that process (if you so desire).

Cross-media selling

Irons in the fire is what my dad (and many others) call it. You need to have as many different methods of communicating your ideas and wares.

Ghost is going to be a social media outlet of its own. With people who log in, browse their reader, and search for new content to follow and enjoy. Ghost will be a new base to launch your stuff and find customers that you otherwise would have never exposed yourself too.

Themeasaurus has you covered

As is mentioned a number of times on this website; I am an Etsy seller myself. When I decided to launch this business the first thing I thought was; Ghost Themes for Etsy sellers!

I sell my artwork, and hand-made jewellery, so I want my Ghost blog to scream this. So there are no illusions about what a potential customer is getting. As soon as they arrive they are going to know if it’s for them.

So, Themeasaurus will be producing Ghost themes that cater directly to the needs of the Etsy Seller.

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First Look at Ghost themes

Ghost BlogMost of this is speculative, because Ghost isn’t even out yet but by the looks of it, it’s going to be a phenomenal platform for theme builders. Ever since MySpace, customising your own chunk of social media has been the love of many people. It seems like every single form of social media provides the tools necessary to get in there, stake your claim, and make it your own.

Ghost is open source, so it’s most definitely included in this category. It will be interesting to see how much customization is available to people during the early stages, when Ghost is a hosted platform.

On’s free hosted service I feel totally hamstrung – Unable to upload my own plugins, and bound by various ( albeit good) rules, it can be putting out the stuff I want.

Affiliates on Ghost?

Personally I hope that Ghost’s hosted platform joins in banning affiliate blogs. While they’re a great little way for some people to make money, it is abused by too many people, and is what makes researching products online difficult. To many people who appear to be reviewing items are actually promoting it.

Ghost will rest on a razor edge in this respect. On one hand allowing affiliates will draw a lot of new users to the platform. On the other, it will go against a lot of what Ghost is about; blogging.

I’m curious to know whether or not you think Ghost should try to stay pure?

Theme Customisation

By the looks of it, Ghost is going to make it easy for people to go right ahead and make their own Ghost themes. Which is sodding awesome. A blog is yours, your own piece of the internet filled with your ideas and your stuff. The space itself should reflect this in one way or another.

Because most people (myself included) aren’t mega programmers, Themeasaurus is going to make available series of Ghost themes that are easily installed and will get you writing.

The tryghost blog looks stunning. Simplicity at its finest. It’s something that theme developers will need to consider when developing themes. Foregoing the tack ons and preserving the reader experience.

Keeping Ghost Themes pure

I’ve spent the last few days drafting up plans for the first run of Ghost themes and truth be told I think it might have been wasted. As it stands I don’t really know potential there is in a Ghost theme . From what they’ve released they look beautiful in their simplicity and it’s going to be a matter of taking that into account and not subtracting from the content.

Floating sidebars and plugins really draw attention away from the actual content peoples WordPress blogs so I’m curious how Ghost will work regarding this. Do you think Ghost themes will be pure simplicity, or inevitably fall victim to media crowding?

Obviously as a theme builder I’ve been thinking a lot about this, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. Fingers crossed I should be up and running on August :D !

Thanks a lot for reading,


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5 Reasons Writers Should get on Ghost

Ghost ThemesAre you the next Rowling, Child or Meyer? The reasons why a writer should consider either switching to, or starting with a ghost blog can only be counted in the hundreds.

Gone are the days where writers are at the mercy of big, faceless, publishing houses. Anyone (literally anyone, it’s not always a good thing) can sign up for an amazon and start calling themselves and Author. While there are countless different methods for generating a following, a blog remains the best place to start… And Ghost makes it easy as opening a book.

Easy content management

Ghost features a beautiful, single screen, content management interface that allows you to review your articles without having to click around like a maniac. On my blogs I queue content in advance. I usually spend a couple of days writing a month or more worth of content and then pop in once a day to check and answer comments.

With Ghost we’ll be able to read through our back log of content and proof read it on the fly.

Easy Formatting

The hosted blogging platform Ghost has a live preview feature. So as you are writing you can see what it will look like once it’s publishing. This means there’s no hitting preview, waiting for it to load, making adjustments and so on. It’s just there. Ghost is going to streamline posts so whether you’re editing a short story or expressing opinions your going to save a ton of time with Ghost.

Social Media

Ghost, in its raw form, comes ready to plug straight into Twitter and Facebook. Which basically means you don’t have to configure a list of plugins to make sure everyone who follows you, sees your content.

Social media is the realm of the indie-publisher, and Ghost is taking one less stress out of the equation. If you already have a large following Ghost will have tool to migrate content to the new platform.


Ghost is going to start out as a hosted blogging platform. Like or Blogspot. So there will be an active community involved in it. So it will be yet another platform to actually generate new followers.

Indie-authors need as many avenues to generate a following as is humanly possible. Ghost is another string to add to your bow. Whether you continue to maintain wordpress blog, or migrate entirely; Ghost shouldn’t be ignored.

Themesaurus has you covered

I love the writing community. It’s full of talented, interesting individuals who put their heart and soul out to the public. Themeasaurus wants to encapsulate everything that is being an indie-author and make transitioning or starting anew in the medium as easy as possible.

Themeasaurus will have Ghost themes for Fantasy writers, Sci-fi, contemporary fiction. In fact, down the track I hope to provide multiple Ghost themes that cater to every single genre. If you can’t find it on Themeasaurus, then there will be a request a Ghost theme function. Mind you, you won’t have to buy the theme, it’ll just be there if you want.

All in all, writers should be extremely excited about Ghost. With easy to install Ghost themes, it’s going to be a fantastic and easy way to get your content out in the general public.

Thanks for reading,


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4 Reasons Bands Should get on Ghost

ghost themesThere are boat loads of reasons why a band needs a blog. It’s taking that extra step past facebook and twitter, and let your fans really get to know and love you. After all, part of the reason a lot of people follow bands is because they like the musicians as much as the music.

Getting a web presence has never been easier. But Ghost ups the ante one more time, and makes it nearly impossible to refuse. A ghost blog, along with a cutting edge ghost theme will make yourselves accessible in a matter of moments.

Ghost allows for multiple users

You can have everyone in the band up and posting simultaneously. Whether your in the studio, having a jam or just finished a gig. You can bust out your phone and upload photos, writing, and a report.


No artist, whether musical or otherwise can ignore the benefit of multiple streams of exposure. Ghost is another string to add to your bow. With easily customised Ghost themes, and Ghost Themes from Themeasaurus that come ready made to capture the mood and feel of your music, you can have a unique, hot blog ready to go in a second.

Social Media

Unlike wordpress, where you need to frig around with social media plugins, Ghost comes out of the box ready to jack straight into Twitter and Facebook. Your facebook and twitter followers will know the moment you post something new up on Ghost.

Themesaurus has Musos covered

Themeasaurus is making an entire section devoted to Ghost Themes for Musicians. Whether you play Alt Rock, or Punk rock, there will be a Ghost theme that really captures the essence of your music.

No fiddling around with customization, simply download, install, blog and look awesome. We’ll be combining photography, illustration, and functionality to make Ghost themes for every possible genre.

Social media marketing is something that pretty much every modern band involves themselves with now days. People have made millions of dollars selling books that outline different techniques and methods to improve your web-presence.

If you take living as a musician seriously, I’d have a poke around and try and find a how-to that suits your style. There is plenty of free stuff out on the web, it just takes a bit of research.

Themesaurus is a little baby (just like ghost) at the moment, but if you want to know the moment Ghost is made available and get your first theme for free. Join the crew and get our monthly newsletter. With monthly sales for members you’ll never pay full price for a theme.

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4 more reasons to get excited about Ghost

Ghost BlogWhat’s this Ghost thing, one, maybe two people are talking about? Good Question. It’s such a wee baby plenty of people haven’t even heard about it, let alone gotten pumped for it. There are almost too many reasons to name, but, I’m going to give you four reasons as a photographer, writer, or band you should be excited about Ghost.

Ghost is a brand spanking new (in fact it’s not even out yet) blogging platform, that is purpose built for bloggers, not massive news sites and corporations. Ghost will be a community of ideas and entertainment, information sharing and awesomeness.

Ghost is sustainable

I don’t mean Ghost is saving beached whales and producing panda spawn (although it might… somehow). I mean they have a kick ass, not-for-profit business model that will ensure that the time you invest in using Ghost as a platform won’t go to waste in five years.

Through making Ghost a hosted blogging platform they are ensuring that the team will have just enough pieces-of-eight to keep it running into the distant future. It will be continually updated, so you don’t have to put up with niggling bugs.

If Ghost’s Kickstarter campaign is anything to go on, it’s going to be huge, it racked up nearly 100k in about five days.

Social Media

If I could take back the hours I spent fiddling with WordPress’ social media plugins, well, I’d have three extra hours. Ghost on the other hand comes fully stocked to jack straight into Facebook and twitter.

Ghost’s potential for bands, photographers, artists and writers is fantastic. Ghost has the potential to be a one stop shop for promoting gigs, handling the fans and generating a following.

Formatting made AWESOME

If you run a WordPress blog, you’ve undoubtedly spent more time than you should have to formatting your posts. Inserting images, only to find they squash the text to much, then frigging around with resizing them so your page looks sweet.

Ghost has a real time window that shows of what your post will look like on the web, while you write it. It’s perfect, and begs the question; why hasn’t this been done before?

Easier than Easy Content Management

On a single screen, Ghost lets you browse and view your content.

I love wordpress, passionately. Relative to other platforms out there, it’s great. But for actual blogging, I can’t argue that content management isn’t clunky at best, and downright painful at worst. With Ghost, constantly clicking forward and back, just to double check for typos, is a thing of the past.

On Ghost you’ll be able to proof your work in minutes. Awesome!

Ghost has gotten me excited as a writer, a designer, an artist and just about everything else I am. It’s the blogging platform we’ve all been waiting for. User friendly, intuitive, and a part of a community. More exposure and less time wasting.

I can’t wait! thanks for reading,


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4 Reasons to get Excited about Ghost.

Ghost BlogSo you’re not excited about Ghost… You don’t even know what Ghost is? There are a number of reasons why as a blogger, writer, muso, artist, photographer… Well, anyone, that you should get excited about ghost.

Well it’s a blogging platform, like wordpress, but unlike wordpress it’s actually for bloggers… So it’s what WordPress started as, before e-commerce realised it was the cheapest and easiest way to run a website. It’s brand new, it’s DIY, and it’s awesome.

The Mobile Friendly Ghost

Not to be confused with Casper the friendly ghost. The Ghost blogging platform is built to run on your smart phone and your tablet. Take a moment, grab your phone and load up this website – See how bad it looks? There’ll be none of that business on Ghost, it’s going to look gorgeous on the small screen as well as the big.

Hosted Platform

One of the steepest learning curves in getting your website set up is hosting. Name servers, domains, cpanel, FTP, DNS. I’ve been building websites for nearly six years and that stuff still gives me the heeby jeebies. It’s a pain. Ghost is going to be a hosted platform, so you can sign up, set up, and get blogging.

Get the band back together

Ghost is being made with multiple-users in mind. If your in a band, it’ll be easy to get the whole crew involved on Ghost and keep the posts coming. Personally, I’m really looking forward to this, in the past I’ve run into several issues running a wordpress site with multiple users, so Ghost’s intentions are pure awesome, in my eyes.

Easy Migration

Most of us already have a blog floating about somewhere. Whether you’re on blogspot, tumblr or using wordpress, the last thing you’re going to want to do is start from scratch. From outset, the developers of Ghost have taken this into account.

You’ll have tools at your disposal to import your old content, and start posting the new. As someone with six blogs in various different places, this is by far one of Ghost’s most endearing features.

If you’re still not excited, well, there may be something wrong with you. There’s nothing better than being a trend setter. Head on over Kickstarter and have a look, maybe shell them a couple of clams. Later on, when your hipster friends start harping on about how underground Ghost is, you can scoff over your cigarello and squawk “mail that to Ausgust 2013… So mainstream.”

Thanks a lot for reading.


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